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How to install jailbreak on iOS Yalu102 10.2 using the Extender Cydia without a computer

Tired of the constant constraints associated with the need to re-register or reinstall the Yalu102 when you bind to the computer? There is a way to avoid it.

A disadvantage of the Extender Cydia from Saurik was the need for access to a paid developer account with Apple. But now there is a unofficial modified version of the tool, which allows you to install apps without a computer and with the usual Apple ID account.

Step 1: first you need to add the appropriate repository as a source in Cydia. If necessary, enter the following URL:

Step 2: After waiting until Cydia will update the sources and find the repository for Cydia Extender Installer. This is a modified version of the original tool Extender from Cydia Saurik, allows you to install apps without access to paid account of the developer.

Step 3: In iFile go to /var/containers/Bundle/Application/yalu102/ Here, open embedded.mobileprovision with the built-in text editor.

Step 4: write the ID Team ID in this file. This 10-digit string assigned to it in accordance with the key ApplicationIdentifierPrefix.

Step 5: Run the previously installed app MTerminal. Enter the command su and then the password for the root user. If the value has not been changed previously, then the default password will be “alpine”.

Step 6: Enter the command “cyextender”, then a space, and you previously copied the ID Team ID. Should look something like this: cyextender [Team ID].

Step 7: Press the enter key, start the process of installing Cydia Extender and give permission to install the VPN.

Step 8: Close the application, check that it hung in the menu multitasking.

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Step 9: Restart the device and goes into the jailbreak.

Step 10: Open Cydia Extender, wait a few seconds until you open Safari with the IP addresses for the profile that you want to set in “Settings”. When prompted, enter access code to the device.

Step 11: Again, Cydia will pop up Extender, followed by Safari (the browser do not close).

Step 12: In Safari go to the address and click on the link on IPA. Select “Advanced” and under “Share” click on the icon Cydia Extender to open the IPA file in the Extender. Start Cydia Extender, where to enter the data Apple ID and click on “Try”. Now you need to wait patiently and do not press on the display.

Remember: before moving to this step, you must ensure that yalu102 removed or not installed on the device.

Step 13: once the device prompts you to install yalu102, click on “Install”.

Ready! Now yalu102 installed on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10.2.

When after a week the app’s certificate expires, you must go to “Settings” > “General” > “device Management”, delete the profile Extender Cydia, established in the 10th step, and to repeat the 12th paragraph.

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