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How to install iOS 9 beta without developer account

On Thursday following the release of iOS 9 beta 3 Apple has begun public testing of its new operating system. Now you can officially use a development build of the new OS may not only users who have paid $99 for participation in the developer program.

iOS 9 beta 3 was released a week after the launch of the music service Apple Music. In the new build, Apple has added support for streaming services, two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, has increased a limit of apps in folders on the iPad to 240, added new albums “Selfie” and “screen Shots” in the Photos app and the option to listen Apple Music in high quality over the cellular network. A full list of changes in the third beta of iOS 9 can be found here.

Since the test program can participate standard users to install iOS 9 to your smartphone or tablet, do not necessarily have an official Apple developer account. In the framework of the “OS X Beta Seed Program” development builds available to everyone.

“Help to make new versions of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan even better. The participants of the “beta testing Apple participate in the development of Apple software, testing it in preview, and telling us about their experiences”.

To enroll in the program today with an Apple ID. Of course, before installing the beta version of iOS 9 need to perform a backup using iTunes.

How to install iOS 9 beta without developer account:

Step 1: Check that on your gadget of zagruzhena the latest version of iOS 8.4. After that, open the page in your browser

Step 2: Click “Register”.

Step 3: On the next page, specify the settings of your account Apple ID – your regular App Store account.

Step 4: Next, in the section of Agreement you confirm that you agree to the conditions of the test by clicking on the Accept button.

Step 5: Now switch to the iOS tab and read the instruction manual Apple.

Step 6: Install the beta is done using profile iOS Beta Configuration to load on the page This link need to go with a mobile device on which you install iOS 9 beta.

Step 6: On your mobile device, go to Settings –> General –> software Update and confirm installation beta.

It is worth noting that until the fall iOS 9 will be in the testing stage: a few times a month Apple will release a new test build. In the process of working with the new OS errors may occur. “Remember that beta software should not be installed on systems that are critical to the operation or business. We highly recommend installing the beta on a second system or device or on the second partition of Your Mac,” Apple warns. The company ensures stable work only for final releases of their platforms.

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