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How to install glowing Apple on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with their hands

We are lucky to live in a time when electronic technology can make our lives more interesting, diverse, and somewhere simple. It seems unthinkable and absurd existence without smartphones, computers and other “smart” gadgets. Modern technology has introduced into our lives comfort and confidence.

If one phone is an indispensable communication tool, for others it’s a status thing. Smartphones Apple fall into this category. Especially in our reality. But regardless of how much luxury seemed not iPhone, serial all gadgets superficially similar, so users are trying to distinguish from the masses, to decorate unusual linings, bumpers and covers.

There are different ways to transform the iPhone. One of the most original is the installation of a glowing “Apple”. If earlier it was necessary to consult specialists in the service centers, now “siteblock” can be done at home. And it will cost a few dollars. To make the gadget unique and different from other production models, is just $ 17. At this price will cost the Luminescent LED Light kit Glowing Logo.

The creators of “suitable” argue that the backlight does not affect the performance of the iPhone, the battery life is also not changed. The fact is that the glowing logo is equipped with a diode that has a microscopic size. This reduces the power consumption to a minimum.

Despite the fact that the Luminescent LED Light kit Glowing Logo, providing the ability to install illumination, belongs to the category of DYI (do it yourself), this procedure it’s better to trust tech-savvy person. Errors in installation can affect the quality of the gadget and even its appearance. The specialist will disassemble the device, remove the back cover and install MICRODIA connected to the battery of the phone. After that, the logo will Shine.

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It is difficult to argue with the fact that the smartphone with the glowing logo on the panel looks unusual. This is especially true for owners of smartphones “Apple” of the brand.

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