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How to install f.lux on your iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking

iOS 9 brings to the iPhone and iPad many useful innovations. Along with standard and well-known improvements in the OS support was added to the Sideload function. Now any user of smartphones and tablets, not having a paid developer account, can download to the device, any application, bypassing the App Store.

The seventh version of the integrated development environment Xcode allows you to set on iPhone and iPad software of any type absolutely free. This means that it is not allowed to App Store content has become available to everyone.

Including have the opportunity to install the app f.lux. It changes the color temperature of the screen of your iOS device in accordance with the time of day: warm in the morning and night before usual during the day. Automatically adjusting the brightness, contrast and color temperature can reduce eye strain and protect your vision.

How to install f.lux for the iPhone and iPad, bypassing the App Store:

Step 1: Download f.lux for iOS Xcode via this link.

Step 2: Open Xcode and follow the instructions for installing any application on the iPhone and iPad, bypassing the App Store.

Step 3: under Targets → iflux → General → Identity add the word in the line Bundle Identifier to make the identifier unique.

Step 4: After download f.lux, go to Settings –> General –> Profiles –> Your Apple ID and allow access to the application.

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