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How to install an exclusive ringtone iPhone X on any smartphone

The owners of iPhone X the first have the opportunity to set a new ringtone Otrazhenie (Reflection), which is suitable for those users who are tired of the standard ringtones.

How to install ringtone on iPhone Reflection

Here’s how to do it:

1. Download ringtone from this file to your computer.

2. To connect your iPhone and open iTunes.

3. Open folder with “Reflection” and drag the ringtone into the category of “Sounds” on the device.

4. Go to the menu “Settings” on iPhone, select “Sounds and tactile signals” and then set the “Reflection” as a new ringtone.

How to set the ringtone Reflection on a device running Android

You need to download the file from this link, extract the archive and select it as ringtone in the player via the standard menu or in any other way.

Repeatedly the news about using a standard iPhone sounds in music. For example, on the famous short ringtone “Marimba” even shot a video.

But most memorable, perhaps, will remain clip DJ Adi MetroGnome, who recorded a Remix of the ringtone “Entry”. His videos got on YouTube more than 13 million views.

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