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How to install an app to record the screen EveryCord (iRec) 10 on iOS without jailbreak

iPhone and iPad a good many people, but users are just not satisfied with the closed software platform Apple – you are allowed to do with your gadget is only what is conceived in Cupertino, and nothing else. One of the functions that are not provided by the creators of the iOS operating system, and which must necessarily be – it is a video recording of the screen. To take a screenshot on your mobile device, just hold down two buttons to record gameplay of, say, more games need to dance with a tambourine not a circle. The program EveryCord, formerly known as iRec, is this deficiency to be addressed. Moreover, without jailbreak.

It all starts very simple – you upload on your iPhone or iPad mobile app. Then open the control room and activate the recording of the screen – does it in one click via AirPlay. Then you can do whatever you want to record video, click the screenshots to stream and share good things with others.

How to install EveryCord (iRec) 10 on iOS without jailbreak

Step 1: to download EveryCord on your iPhone or iPad, to download the IPA file of the program at this link.

Step 2: In this step, you must transfer the file to your mobile device. Use one of the following methods.

  • Xcode (Mac only): How to install any app on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak
  • Cydia Impactor (Mac, Windows, Linux): How to install any apps on iOS without jailbreak

Step 3: once the home screen appears EveryCord, you must allow the program to run. Otherwise, the screen will display the error message.

Step 4: the Solution is simple. Go to the section General –> Profile or Main –> Manage device. Find the name of our account. Select it in the list and click Trust, then Trust.

Step 5: you can Now open EveryCord. The application can be used as a tool to record screencasts with the ability to customize output video and audio parameters.

Recording video is simple: in the top of the screen glows interface, you just need to click to go REC. You can write anything you want – from the gameplay of any race to chat in Skype, conferences and presentations. Ready the video files are saved in EveryCord.

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