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How to install a public beta version of OS X on El Capitan Mac

On Thursday, Apple has opened public beta testing iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. Now everyone can test the operating systems, a developer account is not required.

As part of the beta program you can download a test build of OS X El Capitan. This is the third beta version of the operating system, which adds support for new gestures for the touchpad. In mail Mail, for example, by swiping with two fingers on the touchpad you can now delete or mark emails in your Inbox. Similar gestures have emerged in other OS X apps El Capitan.

To enroll in the program today with an Apple ID. It is worth remembering that the test Assembly is not recommended to install on systems critical to the operation. Apple offers to install OS X beta on El Capitan the second computer or the second partition. The company ensures stable work only for final releases of their platforms.

How to install a public beta version of OS X on El Capitan Mac

Step 1: Open the page in your browser

Step 2: If you haven’t registered, click “Register”. If you have an account, click the Sign in link.

Step 3: On the next screen, enter the name and password of your Apple ID.

Step 4: On the page of the Agreement confirm that you agree to the terms of testing.

Step 5: tab In OS X, read the manual of publicly available beta versions of Apple.

Step 6: press the Top button to Enroll Your Devices.

Step 7: Scroll down to point 2 and click the “Download the public beta of OS X El Capitan”.

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Step 7: Open the Mac App Store, where you must enter the activation code of the operating system.

If you did everything correctly, the download will begin builds of OS X El Capitan. After completion you will be able to install an operating system on a Mac. Setting OS to dual-boot between the two platforms – the basic OS X Yosemite and test OS X El Capitan is the most convenient and safe option to try out the OS. About how to do it, you can find here.

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