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How to install a PlayStation emulator for iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad [instructions]

Last year the iPhone and iPad became available full emulator Play Station. A disadvantage of the original build was quite a poor performance. In the new version that is compatible with the operating system iOS 9, the creators have made the necessary optimization and refinement. Now play PlayStation games on iPhone and iPad 60 frames per second.

RetroArch is a complete PlayStation emulator allows you to run images on gadzhetah jailbroken. Although it has some flaws, he is able to play games and has a fully functional interface. RetroArch does not require any additional plug-ins and easy to handle.

The creators of the package offered to owners of iPhone and iPad to see a large number of projects, released for Japanese consoles. The distinctive feature of this design is that to run games will need to jailbreak, but to download ROM images directly from the Safari browser.

How to install a PlayStation emulator on iOS 9:

Step 1: jailbreak your device using Pangu. The instruction for jailbreak is available at this link.

Step 2: Open Cydia and go to Sources, click edit to specify the address of the repository creators RetroArch –

Step 3: Wait for the update, and then click Search. Write in the row RetroArch (iOS 9). Go to the app and click Install.

Step 4: After installation is complete, click “Back to Cydia”.

Step 5: Again go to the Search tab and look for Automatic SSH package. It will allow you to download images of games on the device. As an alternative, you can use iFile or install a web server.

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Step 6: After the installation is complete click “Back to Cydia” and then close Cydia.

Step 7: Launch RetroArch from the home screen of the iPhone and iPad.

Step 8: Click on the Online Updater app.

Step 9: Select the option Update GLSL Shaders and wait until it finishes.

Step 10: Next, press Update Overlays, Update Databases, Update Autoconfig Profiles, Update Assets, Update Core Info Files.

Step 11: Press Core Updater. In the big list find PlayStation (PCSX ReARMed) [Interpreter].

Step 12: take a step back, and then back again. Then select Load and enter there a Core option PlayStation that you selected earlier.

Step 13: Look in any search engine the image the right game. Copy it to the folder /var/mobile/documents on the device that RetroArch was able to find them.

Step 14: Launch RetroArch, select Load Content > Select File.

Step 15: Navigate to the folder /var/mobile/documents, to which you downloaded in step 13 and select the image to play.

RetroArch provides a broad functionality. You can easily load new ROM images, with the stated compatible with all iPhone and iPad models. In addition RetroArch provides integration with Dropbox and support for gaming controllers.

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