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How to install a new theme on your iOS device without jailbreak

The ability to apply themes is one of the main reasons for the use of jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Unfortunately, the release of tools for “opening” the fresh versions of the operating system has to wait quite a long time, so for those who are no longer willing to tolerate was running a special iSkin platform that allows you to change themes via the Safari browser.

It is worth noting that the iSkin does not replace standard desktop icons on iOS, and allows you to add new.

Instructions for installing themes without jailbreak

Step 1: Open the iSkin page using the Safari browser.

Step 2: Scroll down and select “Browse all themes” to view a list of all the topics.

Step 3: Choose a theme. In our case it is Midnight.

Step 4: Click on “Application icons” to go to the section for selecting applications.

Step 5: Click on every icon you want to use and name them at your discretion.

Step 6: Click “Install icons”.

Step 7: On the screen appears a notification about the installation, then you should put the configuration profile.

Step 8: Click “Install”.

Step 9: If you used a password, enter it and again press “Set”.

Step 10: back in Safari, if all goes well, a message will appear “Installation in progress” on a green background.

Step 11: Wait a few seconds and return to the home screen. On the last page you will see your new icons.

Third-party profile

It should be remembered that iSkin installs untrusted configuration profile. To remove it, you need to go to Settings –> General –> Profile and click “Delete profile”.

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Separate icons can be remove

If you accidentally added an icon for a particular application, it can be easily removed by holding your finger on it and pressing cross.

Icons represent web links

All icons are links, so they open in Safari first, and only then in the appropriate application. In some cases, open not the program and the web interface.

Included some themes have a Wallpaper

Some packages also contain a desktop Wallpaper, but their installation is not mandatory. Since Apple has certain limitations, some elements of the interface, like the notification Center or control Point cannot be changed.

Some topics can only be accessed by registered users. Most options can be downloaded without problems, but some require an account iSkin.

The range of topics is constantly updated

The developers regularly update the list of topics. If you wish, you can add your own version by following the instructions on the website.

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