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How to install a beautiful screen saver of the new Apple TV on Mac

Innovative functionality rethought Apple TV 4 will without doubt provide her utmost popularity and brisk sales start. Most who pre-ordered can’t wait to try out the platform tvOS, apps, games and streaming services Apple. But few people know that the unique screen savers new Apple TV can be used on OS X.

For software decorate Mac, just install the application Aeral. The developer has supplied their offspring with all the beautiful screensavers that will be available to new owners of Apple TV fourth generation. The program runs on OS X Mavericks and above.

How to install screensavers on Apple TV 4 on your Mac:

Step 1: Download the app Aerial, which can be found in the repository of the developer on GitHub. This ZIP archive.

Step 2: unpack the files contained in the archive to retrieve the file under the name Aerial.saver.

Step 3: Double click on the file to open it and OS X will ask you to confirm the installation. The system will do it automatically. You can use the manual settings and manually copy the file Aerial.saver to the folder where the default screensavers are stored operating system: Library/Screen Savers.

Step 4: If you did everything correctly, the application is successfully installed and becomes available for further work.

Step 5: to activate one of the screensavers Apple TV, go to System preferences -> desktop & screen saver -> screen Saver. In that appears, select the Aerial tab -> Settings of the screen saver and set screensaver at your discretion.

That’s all. Now you have access to the many beautiful and unique headpieces, available only to owners of Apple TV 4. You will find unique landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands, the mountains of China, the panorama of new York city and San Francisco – a total of 34 screensaver.

Incidentally, the new Apple TV now available in versions with 32 GB memory and 64 GB. The Junior model is 13 990 rubles, the eldest is 17 990 rubles.

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