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How to improve sound on the Mac

The sound settings in macOS is very simple and intuitive, but more advanced users may want to carefully control the sound of your Mac. AppleInsider reveals a few secrets that will help to achieve this.

Mute change the volume

Many Mac users are familiar with the sound that is played each time you press the volume keys on the keyboard. It helps to know how loud or quiet sound system. But not everyone is comfortable in and enjoy.

In order to turn it off, you need to:

  • Go to System preferences > Sound.
  • Disable “beep when changing volume”.
  • On a Mac with Touch Bar it is not the default active, all other patterns disable the feature have their own.

    Also there is a way temporarily to get rid of this sound: when you change the volume macOS just hold down the Shift key. While it is pressed – the “musical” accompaniment will not, but should let her go, and it will be back.

    More subtle volume control

    To change the volume, users often use control buttons on the keyboard. Unfortunately, when used, only available 16 sound levels, which do not always allow comfortable customize the sound.

    For a more accurate setting, you need to use the sound icon in the top toolbar macOS. In order to add it, go to System preferences > Sound and enable “Show volume in menu bar”. Also details change the sound level in the settings.

    The choice of audio input

    The sound icon, among other things, allows you to quickly select a peripheral device to play. For this, if there is a Mac connected to speakers or an additional monitor, you must click on the icon and select the desired gadget from the list.

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