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How to hide folder apps on iPhone without jailbreak

Typically, in order to create hidden folder or hide apps on iPhone home screen and iPad, it is necessary to resort to the procedure of jailbreak. Unfortunately, at the moment of break-in tools gadgets on the current OS version does not exist, so users are looking for workarounds. Recently, a way to achieve the same effect, but without jailbreak.

Why you may need to add to your desktop iOS hidden folder? For example, to put applications that are not desirable to see anyone who takes your iPhone or iPad in hand.

Step 1. Create a new folder in which to place the apps you want to hide on your iPhone.

Step 2. Open Safari and copy in the address bar the following URL: and open the website.

Step 3. Appears the background image is gray. You need to save it in Photo app. Download the image by clicking the standard “Share”button.

Step 4. Open the Photos app, locate the saved picture and set it as a background image for the home screen.

Step 5. Open Settings, navigate to General –> accessibility –> Increase contrast and activate the Lowering of transparency.

Step 6. Now move the desktop icons in the move mode. Page through all the screens to the right until the end to see an empty field. Take a screenshot.

Step 7. Open Safari again and copy the address bar URL:

Step 8. Click Create BLANK icons, then Modify and click the Choose file button. Here, specify the media Library and select the image of the screenshot you made in step 6. Click Upload Photo.

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Step 9. Scroll down and in the grey grid of icons click on any of them.

Step 10. Click the standard Share button in the lower pane, then click “add To Home screen”. On the next screen, copy to clipboard the “?” icon in the name field of shortcut.

Step 11. Now move the created icon (it is invisible, is on the home screen) to the folder created in step 1.

Step 12. Left to go to this folder and move all the apps inside folders on the second page, below the folder icon disappeared from home screen. To hide the folder name, paste from the clipboard text with “?”, which you copied in step 10.

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