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How to hide app icons on Apple iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3

In January MacDigger told about the method that allows you to hide unwanted apps from the desktop in the beta version of iOS 9.3. As it turned out, the final version of the operating system Apple has left such an opportunity.

Previously, in order to hide unwanted icons, owners of iOS devices had to go to lengths to use the tricks with folders, create a background image in the color of the icon, to resort to jailbreak. But now it’s in the past. 9.3 iOS allows you to hide apps using the official tool, Apple Configurator.

How to hide app icons in iOS 9.3:

Step 1: Download stronghold 2.2 Apple Configurator, allowing you to deploy iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The program is compatible with OS X 10.11.4 below.

Step 2: Launch the program, go to Apps > Restrictions and create a configuration profile. In its properties you should enable the item “Do not allow some apps”.

Step 3: Add to the list of prohibited identifiers of those applications that you need, for example, or

Step 4: connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and fill up the profile. The icons of the selected applications will disappear from the desktop iOS.

Identifiers standard applications on the iPhone and iPad:

  • – Tips
  • – Video
  • – Shares
  • – Mail
  • Notes
  • Messages
  • – Voice memo
  • – Weather
  • – Podcasts
  • – Game Center
  • – Watch
  • – Find friends
  • – Reminders
  • is the Calculator
  • – Maps
  • – Music
  • Wallet
  • – iBooks
  • – Find my iPhone
  • – Watch
  • – Photos
  • Phone
  • – the iTunes Store
  • – Configure
  • – Camera
  • – FaceTime
  • Contacts
  • – Apple News
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Unlike other methods this does not require jailbreak, and hidden applications will not appear after restarting the iPhone and iPad. On earlier iOS versions (9.2 and below) this method may not work.

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