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How to hide any icon on the home screen iOS 9 without jailbreak [video]

The ability to hide stock apps in iOS is nothing but the operating system error. Apple predustanavlivat on iPhone and iPad many apps and no way to remove them from the home screen branded devices.

One of the recently discovered bugs iOS 9 allows using simple manipulations to remove from the desktop icons of any apps, including system. Thus the hidden icons are still available from Spotlight search and return to the screen after a system restart or install updates.

According to the instructions below, you can hide the icons of standard applications in iOS 9:

  • First create a folder and add a few apps.
  • Then drag one of the icons to the second page. Release the finger.
  • Again, take this icon and move it outside the window holding an icon.
  • At this moment the second hand hit the Home button.
  • Make sure that the app disappeared from the folder.
  • Repeat procedure with remaining applications.
  • When the last icon, the folder will disappear from the home screen of the iPhone.
  • Watch the video below to get a better idea of how method:

    Using this method you can successfully hide application icons on iPhone running iOS 9-9.2. It is possible that the method will also work on the iPad with these OS versions.

    As in previously known methods, the disadvantage of this method is that the application return to the home screen when you reboot the device.

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