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How to get rid of Windows “to Open the page in YouTube” when viewing videos in Safari on iOS

If your iPhone or iPad YouTube client installed, then every time you try to watch videos in Safari you will be redirected to the official client of the service. Browser Apple persistently offers to “Open this page in YouTube. How to get rid of this notification?

The most obvious solution is to remove the device with the YouTube app. The method is quite controversial, though effective. Are there alternative solutions? It’s very simple: in order to disable the annoying box, you must click “Cancel” and repeat the request in the browser. The second time, Safari will not offer to go to the app and open the website YouTube.

Regardless of what your device – iPhone or iPad – Safari redirects to the mobile version of YouTube. This can be seen at the address that appears in the browser. Instead of links Safari links

To open the desktop version of YouTube instead of the mobile, press and hold the “Update” button next to the address bar. After that, select “Full version”. Safari will offer to open the YouTube app. Tap “Cancel” and re-enter the URL for the video you want.

Interestingly, in the case of mobile Google Chrome window “to Open this page in “YouTube” for iPhone and iPad does not appear.

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