How to get AirPod, which fell on the rails in the subway. Master class in three tweets & nbsp

It turned out to be too easy.
A girl named Ashley Meyer from New York experienced a tragic event for all Apple technology fans. While Ashley was waiting for the train in the local subway, AirPod cunningly jumped out of his ear and went on the rails. Someone may have given up on him, but not Ashley.

The girl tweeted that she turned to the station attendant for help. He said that, in principle, it was possible to get the earpiece, but it would take at least two hours, during which Ashley had to be close.
Arriving on the subway the next day, Ashley saw that the AirPod was still in place, and decided to act independently.
To get the earpiece, I had to turn on my wits. The girl went to the store where she bought a mop and duct tape. Collecting an improvised probe from them, Ashley returned to the subway and easily pulled out the whole earpiece, though soiled, but.
Ashley wrote that although the station workers did not look at the girl with the mop with suspicion, they did not intervene, so the rescue operation was successful. Unfortunately, Ashley did not share another life hacking, as she disinfected the earpiece, which lay for two days on the dirty ways of the subway. But everyone can have their little secrets.

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