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How to get access to the app Apple News iOS 9 outside the U.S.

In the iOS 9 beta 3 appeared first on news app Apple News. By default, access is restricted to residents of the USA and the UK. How to access the application outside of these regions, further in the article MacDigger.

App Apple News is designed to work interactively with news materials supplied by multiple sources. According to the plan it will allow Apple to take the article in accordance with the preferences of the person, share them with friends and create their own reading lists.

“News combines striking design of print publications and interactive digital media stunningly decorated article look exactly as intended by the publisher,” says Apple.

To enable local users to access the app after installing iOS 9 beta 3, you must specify in the settings alternative the region of residence. Go to “General” –> “Language & region” and in the section “regions” specify “United States of America”.

Then you need to restart your iPhone or iPad. To do this, hold down the Home and Power together for 10 seconds.

Currently in the Apple News no Russian resources. However, users can get an idea about a new Apple product.

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