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How to free up to 20 GB on disk after installing Windows 10 Update Creators

If your PC or virtual machine on the Mac works on Windows 10, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update. The official release of the new version took place on April 11. If the update you did not load automatically, you can install it manually using Windows 10 Update Assistant.

Creators Windows 10 Update is a major update for the operating system Windows 10. The main focus has been the expansion of the creative possibilities of the software platform and work with 3D content. Users received new Paint, advanced bookstore, an updated browser Edge, full-fledged gaming mode “night mode” and more.

All users updated on Creators Update from a previous version system can free up to 20 GB on the disk. Windows 10 retains the data of the previous OS versions, so that if necessary it was possible to make a rollback. If you don’t need, you can free up space.

Step 1: Open “start menu” and type in the search menu “disk Cleanup”. Run the program.

Step 2: As the name suggests, the utility allows you to delete temporary system files stored on the hard disk of the device. The program prompts you to select the drive for cleaning. Select the one on which the system is. In our case, this is drive C.

Step 3: Select appropriate drive and click “OK”.

Step 4: In the window that appears click on the “Clean up system files” button to start the removal process.

Step 5: the System again prompts you to select a disk — select C.

Step 6: you will see a list of available options, where to choose “Previous Windows installation” and click “OK”.

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Step 7: In the opened window click “Delete files”.

Step 8: the Process starts, but immediately you will receive a warning about the impossibility of recovering deleted files. Confirm the action by pressing “Yes”.

When the system deletes temporary files and old versions of Windows, you can check the amount of space freed on disk. We received more than 20 GB.

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