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How to free up space on your iPhone and iPad and not to spend money on buying new

Since 2007 when the first iPhone was presented with 8 GB of memory, the smartphone has assumed many new responsibilities. This is not only a phone but also a media player, and Navigator, photo and video camera, and a working tool. Manufacturers are constantly increasing the amount of flash drives, but in 2015, even a 128-Gigabyte models are sometimes inform their owners about the imminent overflow. Browsers Lenta offered a way to free up space on your smartphone by Apple without prejudice to the content.

The memory usage

The first thing to do is to look at memory usage statistics. Open settings and navigate to “Basic” — “Statistics” — “Storage” or “Main” — “Repository and iCloud — manage Storage if you iOS 9. Here in order of decreasing amount of used memory all lined up on the device application. Moreover, both standard and set by the owner.

If you don’t like that kind of game takes up too much space, you can delete it directly from here without going to the desktop. Surely it will be worth it when its icon remains untouched for a week or two or even longer. It happens, will install something to amuse myself with the thought that soon this will come in handy. And it takes one and a half gigabytes and hangs like a dead weight, never demanded. Removal be not only comprehensive but not all-used apps.

It was a pity to not remove games and programs, it is worth remembering statistics obtained in practice, according to which smartphone owners every day are just five applications, at least — with a dozen more. So removing a few unnecessary programs surely won’t hurt.

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Here you can also define bloated along the way, once a modest program. More often behave like social media that “forget” to delete or update the cache and eventually swell up with 50-100 megabytes to gigabytes or even more. Unfortunately, iOS does not allow you to delete the cache, deleting the app. Therefore, to release 900 megabytes cache Facebook have to remove itself After re-install you will have to log in to your profile. But will free a lot of space for personal data.

If additional content of applications you can remove from your computer using the built-in file Manager, it makes it easier. For example, in established from the App Store video player can accumulate a lot of viewed and now unnecessary video at the favorite magazine — a long time to read a bunch of releases.

Photos, music, video

Statistics store also will demonstrate the excess on the device photos, music and videos. Of course, to abandon the whole archive is not worth it. But photos can be thinned by removing duplicates. It is often to get one good shot, flip camera about ten times. Why do you have eight or nine similar photos?

Occupying much more space (compared to photos) videos can be copied to a computer, but quite unnecessary or failure to remove. This does not mean that it is imperative to remove all videos. Just a phone — not the best place to store a half-hour kiddie matinees and lingering exhaust fumes.

To save space on your images in the future, definitely need to cancel the original photos when shooting in HDR. Usually the original takes only eats place, but to look at are noticeably worse HDR-frames.

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Penultimate you can squeeze out of photos, delete the screenshots). They usually do, to show something to friends, and keep in your memory forever. With them you can delete all the uploaded images. Once they were pleased, but over time has lost its relevance and now do not cause any emotions.

It may seem that removing some icons will not save the situation. But in fact, from several minutes to hours digging in the photos will free hundreds of megabytes.

Finally, an extreme measure — disable photo stream. New photos will not be uploaded to iCloud, will be available on other gadgets that support this functionality. Lost all sync. But the vacant place.

Speaking of music, you should pay finally, attention to the songs and entire albums that sound in the headphones is very rare or no sound at all. The same applies to video. It happens, on the phone and are already viewed films or episodes of your favorite series. Podcasts, stale in the hope that will be the same with them, too, sent into oblivion.


Many places can take a normal application for chatting with friends. Messages grow megabytes mainly due to the iMessage where you can send photos, audio and videos. You can manually delete the unnecessary. But it is much better to access the settings (“Settings” — “the Message” — “message History”) and choose to delete messages after the completion of 30 days, or year. By default on iOS devices store indefinitely all that gets on them.

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The browser cache

The last thing to do to release the memory is to clear the browser cache. If we are talking about regular Safari, it can be done in settings (Settings — Safari — Clear history and site data”), although a lot of space to gain just will not work.

But browsers from the App Store work differently and sometimes swell to obscene. The cache, if the icon after the installation has not appeared in the General settings, you can likely remove in domestic settings.

The result

Eventually after all the steps above iPhone or iPad noticeably lose “weight”, and the freed memory will again take anything. Plus, there will be no need to buy a new device at least temporarily — until the old again clogged the memory or while once again not going to jump demands on the processor and RAM.

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