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How to free up space on iPhone and iPad using iCloud photo Library

Shot on iPhone and iPad photos and videos to devices is a huge amount of space. If you need more memory, then it is not necessary to resort to delete content or move to other media. With the help of service iCloud photo Library to store photos and videos in the cloud, by automatically optimizing data on the iOS device.

How to enable optimizing content storage for iCloud photo Library

ICloud photo library automatically uploads your photos to cloud storage, allowing you to access it at any time and from any device. Storage optimization is a useful option that replaces the photos and videos in their original resolution on the optimized version in case the memory on the device ends. File in full resolution quickly load, if you want to see, edit or send in a social network. To enable this option follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Select Photos > Camera.

3. Select “Optimize storage on the device”.

After activating this option, the system automatically moves the original files to iCloud, leaving only full-size recently captured photos and videos. The process can take a long time depending on the number of files and connection speed.

How to free up space in iCloud

The total size of files that can be stored in iCloud are not unlimited, and you have a few options to free up space.

Option A: to clear your photo library

Browse through albums, which can be stored for selfies, panoramas, screenshots or a video in slow motion. Perhaps among them there are those that can be removed. Important note: you cannot delete the files from iCloud or only from the device: if you drop them on the iPhone, they will disappear from everywhere.

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After you delete unnecessary pictures and videos don’t forget to visit Recently deleted partition and clean it. Otherwise, the files will still be stored on the device, taking up memory within 30 days.

Option B: to buy more space in iCloud

If you don’t want to think about storing your photos and video and you are ready to pay for cloud storage, you can increase the amount of space available in your iCloud Library. At the moment the prices for additional space in iCloud following:

  • 5 GB — free
  • 50 GB — 59 rubles/month
  • 200 GB — 149 rubles/month
  • 1 TB — 599 rubles/month

To change the tariff plan or cancel the action at any time.

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