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How to free download disk image Windows 10 (ISO file)

Not many people know that Microsoft has provided a free download of Windows 10. Everyone who is planning to put the OS on a new computer or run “Windows ” in a virtual machine on a Mac, a legitimate way to download the ISO image of Windows 10.

Get the setup file of Windows 10 on the Microsoft website. The company provides access to the operating system is completely free – you need to enter the license key missing.

How to free download disk image Windows 10

To download the Windows 10 image any web browser and any operating system: just need to make sure that the drive machine has sufficient memory. OS downloaded as a.ISO file.

Step 1: Open the official page of the Microsoft site under the title “Download a disk image with Windows 10”. Here you can download a disk image that can be used to install or reinstall Windows 10, and for creating installation media.

Step 2: Select the version of Windows 10 that you want to upload. Also specify the language and confirm the download.

Step 3: On the next page “Download the disk image for Windows 10” select 32-bit or 64-bit version you want. The links will be valid for 24 hours from the time of their creation.

ISO file of Windows 10 weighs about 5 GB, so downloading may take some time. If you download Windows 10 on Mac, the OS image will appear in the standard downloads folder.

After the download is complete, you can use the ISO in its sole discretion. For example, to install Windows 10 in a virtual machine on your Mac, create bootable drive or installation DVD, install Windows 10 in Boot Camp mode, and use the file to update, reinstall or install Windows 10 on your PC.

Activate Windows 10 or not

It is understood that there is nothing wrong that the user does not activate Windows 10 no. Gone are the days when “Windows” frightened people black desktop and reminders about activation. Now in the bottom right corner of the screen there is a watermark, which notifies you that the OS is not activated.

For some reason, Microsoft decided not to seriously restrict the efficiency of the unlicensed version of the operating system? No one knows. The functionality has not been activated, Windows 10 is almost not violated. In this case, will not be available the personalization system. This means that the user will not be able to change the theme color, desktop Wallpaper and icons. In addition, the OS will not allow you to synchronize your settings with other device. Otherwise, it will be fully functional platform.

In order to activate Windows 10, you must purchase a license. After that, go to Settings –> Update and security –> Activate and enter the product key.

But if OS is not activated, as already mentioned, nothing bad will happen. The functionality of Windows 10 is practically not affected. The watermark in the corner of the screen, and the inability to change the subject are not critical factors. So do not hurry to spend money on the license. Can be quite easy to operate and non-activated Windows 10.

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