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How to forward current call from your iPhone to your Mac or iPad

In iOS 11.2 has the opportunity to forward calls from iPhone to iPad and Mac directly during the communication.

Before you try out this feature, you must ensure that your smartphone , tablet or computer are on the same Wi-Fi network and support the function of Continuity. It is easy to check. In settings, FaceTime should be available the option “Call with iPhone”.

If all the gadgets meet those requirements, then the user will be able to:

  • To divert calls from smartphone to tablet and back again.
  • Transfer calls from your smartphone to the computer.

The user will not be able to switch to the Apple Watch or the gadget that’s connected to another Wi-Fi network.

How to transfer an ongoing call to another device

  • First we need to start a phone call or using FaceTime on the iPhone with iOS 11.2.
  • Then you need to click on the button “Audio” in the menu that appears, choose the tablet or the computer on which you want to forward the call.
  • After that, the icon “Audio” will change to the icon for your Mac or iPad.

This feature can be useful if the iPhone is nearly empty or its just inconvenient to use at some point.

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