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How to find and remove malware KeyRaide on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s devices are very well protected against software. All headache, in the form of Trojans and antivirus spared the owners of “Apple” products. The manufacturer even closes from users access to the file system. And, really, want to Tinker with the code and customization – you road in the Android world.

But not necessary, says the old proverb. Some time ago, the network appeared the information about the mass infection of iOS-jailbroken devices with malware KeyRaider. The situation seems very strange, because the program hacking gadgets spread from quite reliable sources.

“Then it is forfeit! Freebies they wanted freedom they wanted,” so, most likely, comment on the news, many users do not recognize jailbreak. And it’s true, device with software vulnerability, providing easy access to unverified sources, can become victims of viruses and other troubles. Which in this case happened.

KeyRaider is malware that steals user accounts, their passwords, and even credit card data, to devices which it had access. To date, according to preliminary data stolen about 225 000 Apple ID.

Spreading the virus through the Chinese repository Cydia. In total, this threat can have a negative impact on iPhone and iPad, from 18 countries, among which China, France, Russia, Japan, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Singapore and South Korea. To protect users from such an occasion, programmers Palo Alto Networks, in collaboration with colleagues from WeipTech has developed and released a web utility for the detection of the virus.

In order to ensure that your smartphone or tablet is not infected KeyRaider, you should perform the following steps:

  • Add the Cydia repository
  • To install and run the package DylibSearch.
  • On your device’s screen will be a list of checked and unchecked files. The first will be marked green, it means you’re normal. And those red to indicate that the device is infected. Found? Do not be upset. There is, moreover, in the same Cydia.

    Install a file Manager iFile, then go to the following path: / Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries, find marked DylibSearch files and remove them.

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