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How to find all tracks added to the library using Apple Music

iTunes has lots of features, most of which are unknown to the average user. In connection with the launch of a new streaming service Apple Music we will offer some tips on using popular media player Apple.

In the new version of iTunes, the developers have expanded the capabilities of smart playlists. The function is very flexible to use and has incredible options for selecting songs.

Smart playlists are really useful technology that allows you to listen to the music that you really want to listen to at the moment. For example, you can create a smart playlist for a specific time period, view the last song you listened to, to separate the top-rated tracks. Using this feature, iTunes also allows you to view downloaded music from Apple Music.

In order to create a smart playlist with “cloud” music, open iTunes on your Mac or Windows and go to File –> New –> Smart playlist. A window opens in which you want to configure filters for your selection.

In our case we need to refer to paragraph “Corresponds to the following rule. Click on the label “Artist” and the drop-down list, find “iCloud Status”. Select the option, then proceed to the second point. Leave “matches”, but change “Associated” to “Apple Music”.

Thus, you separate downloaded music from the cloud service of Apple, from its music catalog. Now you can right click and use the “Remove download”, thereby eliminating songs from the library.

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