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How to extend the battery life of the iPhone and iPad when viewing videos

Technology is developing every year more and faster today even smart phones have equal performance with laptops. But about increasing the capacity of the battery manufacturers seem to have forgotten what phones can be completely drained by the evening (the desire of Apple to reduce the thickness of the corporate units are also not good for the battery), and therefore, most often, the owner of the newfangled devices have to find ways to extend the battery life. MacDigger previously led a number of techniques to improve the autonomy of the iPhone and iPad in normal operation, and this time it will be about watching the video.

Historically, that Apple has developed its own formats for videos and audio. This was done for a reason. As a developer of hardware and software, the company from Cupertino has implemented the most efficient algorithms play content on devices, with minimal load on the battery. This applies to both the iPhone iPad and Mac computers.

Video playback on the iPhone and iPad in native MOV and MP4 formats can significantly increase the duration of browsing on a single charge of the battery. The device does not spend additional resources on the conversion of the content, which leads to significant savings charge. As practice shows, the MP4 format allows you to watch movies on 30-40% longer than the same content in the more common AVI and MKV. Support MP4 out of the box does the job.

To reformat the video into a native iOS format is quite tedious. One way to simplify the problem is to use the program Waltr. This popular solution for downloading content on the iPhone and iPad supports not only compatible with the Apple platform formats, but many other – MKV, AVI, CUE, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, ALAC, AIFF, WAV. The utility automatically before loading the content converts to the desired format and “fills” in a standard Apple app.

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For example, you have a movie in AVI format that can be played on iPhone and iPad by standard methods. You just need to close iTunes, launch Waltr and to transfer these files to the program window. For a few minutes, the program will perform the conversion and load it in the Videos app on your mobile device. File transfer is very fast: the movie 2 GB downloaded in about a minute.

If you often watch movies or TV shows on your iPhone or iPad, it is best to choose MP4 or MOV. Their use will allow a few hours to increase the time watching videos.

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