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How to enable the trackpad iOS 9 on iPhone without any 3D Touch [Cydia]

iPhone 6s offers a fundamentally new way of interacting with mobile devices — for the first time in its history, the smartphone can distinguish between force of touch screen. In addition to these familiar Multi-Touch gestures like touch, swipe, and pinch, 3D Touch allows you to use Peek and Pop, as well as the trackpad.

The iPhone 6s integrated a special mode of the keyboard to control the cursor. If you are working with a text document, press the keyboard with little effort, it turns into a virtual touchpad for moving the cursor on the text. If in this mode press display the extra effort, the text will be highlighted. Thus, it is possible to specify the desired fragments for copying to the clipboard. If you double press on the keyboard, it will devote a full sentence, triple-click selects the entire paragraph.

Unfortunately, Apple decided to limit the trackpad only with new smartphones and tablets. In the beta versions of iOS 9, the text selection function worked on all iPhone models. In GM release, Apple has excluded it, leaving exclusive to the iPhone 6s.

For whatever reason, the feature disappeared from iOS 9, we can only guess. To restore justice decided the developer of the tweak Motus. Unofficial app includes the trackpad on any iPhone models. User just need to swipe up, not opening the finger from the keyboard, and then continue to slide your finger across the keyboard, controlling a virtual cursor. This touch panel is convenient to use in Mail, Notes and Messages. The cursor allows fast and accurate selection of text fragments and work with them.

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Optionally, the activation mode can be changed Motus. In the settings there is a toggle switch to enable two fingers, just as it worked in the beta versions of “nine”.

Motus can be installed on any devices running iOS 9 jailbreak. Repository to download –

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