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How to enable the hidden iCloud Drive in iOS 9

Long remained a mystery, how you can use cloud service iCloud Drive. Will there be a separate client to access the files? Is it possible they will be used also as Yandex.Drive and Dropbox?

Cloud service Apple is analogous to Dropbox and Yandex.Disc and works on the same principle. If before iCloud was only a thin layer for applications and services, recently it is the user full access to content and opens up greater opportunities for the use of the “cloud”.

After the release of the final version of iOS 9, the service will become even more functional – Apple has added to OS full app to work with files a La Finder. Now this does not need to search in the App Store specialized software.

If you need an application to work with the contents of iCloud Drive in iOS 9, you will first need to activate it in the settings of the platform. To do this, go to iCloud –> iCloud Drive, and enable the option “On the Home screen. As a result, the desktop, iPhone and iPad will be a new icon.

App iCloud Drive, in fact, is the file Manager. The user can view the contents of a cloud service, create folders, move and delete objects. Text documents, music files can be opened in the embedded viewer. For exotic types of supports extensions – the file can be sent to any external application. The program allows you to view the size and file type, creation date, changes, etc.

True to save content to iCloud Drive is prohibited. The user may, for example, to open a gallery or an office Suite on your iPhone and copy the contents to the cloud. However, iCloud Drive now can be called a full-fledged alternative to Dropbox.

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