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How to enable or disable Turbo Boost on Mac

Virtually all modern Mac computers come with processors that support Turbo Boost technology, the control clock frequency at the request of the operating system. It speeds up your Mac or PC, however, enabling this feature increases the battery consumption. Do Mac users have the possibility to activate the Turbo Boost for better performance of your computer or disable it to save power.

To control the Turbo Boost developed a special application that is compatible with OS X Yosemite, but does not work with macOS Sierra. The use of “Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X” provides a modern CPU like Intel Core i5 or Core i7. To control the operation of Turbo Boost utility will load and unload the kernel extension.

It is worth noting that the “Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X” is intended only for advanced users. Due to the fact that the application makes changes in the system-before use you need to backup your data on the computer.

How to disable Turbo Boost on OS X

Step 1: Go to rugarciap and download Turbo Boost Switcher (available in free and paid versions). To launch the utility, you must disable Gatekeeper in the section “Protection and security”

Step 2: once you launch the app, you will see the corresponding icon with a zipper on the top line. She opens the drop-down menu of management utility. Here you can disable Turbo Boost by selecting “Disable Turbo Boost”.

Step 3: On request OS, enter the administrator password (this is necessary because the program makes changes in the system kernel).

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After disabling Turbo Boost, the operating system will recalculate the remaining battery life. If you use heavy applications, you’ll notice a decrease in performance. Disable Turbo Boost is only recommended if necessary, extend the operating time of the computer away from an outlet.

How to re-enable Turbo Boost

To reset go to drop down menu in the status bar and select “Enable Turbo Boost” and enter the password again. The kernel extension that blocks the function’s operation will be removed.

Does disabling Turbo Boost allows you to increase the battery life of a MacBook? Depending on the characteristics of computer use, Turbo Boost can significantly improve the autonomy of the Mac. But due to the total computing power. In other words, if you disable Turbo Boost, the autonomy of the laptop will increase, but the PC will run slower. Is it worth sacrificing performance, depends on the situation. Sometimes the time battery life is much more important than performance.

Tests “Turbo Boost Switcher” on a MacBook Pro showed an increase of autonomy for about an hour. Some users say about the more radical change. “Disabling Turbo Boost reduces the CPU performance by about a third, but not intensive tasks the difference is almost imperceptible. MacBook Pro is also significantly less hot and runs 25% longer,” said the author of the resource

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