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How to enable “night mode” in iOS 9.3 on Mac, Windows and Android

The first beta version of iOS 9.3 introduced support for Night Shift mode, which, depending on the time of day lowers the backlight brightness emanating from the screen of the iPhone and iPad, as well as changes emitted by “cold” blue light “warmer”. This mode is not unique to the “Apple” of the platform and rather long available on other OS. By and large, Night Shift is epplovskoy the implementation of the application F. lux.

Apple has followed the recommendations of somnology Floor Gringras, who last year advised the electronics manufacturers to implement in their products support night mode. According to the scientist, bright displays help to enhance the visibility of the picture in the daytime, but at night coming from their glow interferes with the brain tune in to sleep and causes poor health the next morning. The fact that the displays of the gadgets interfere with development in the body of melatonin — the hormone that causes drowsiness — and lead to a crash of the “internal clock” of a person.

Appendix F. lux exists in versions for Windows, Linux and OS X. its Main function is to automatically change the color profile of the monitor throughout the day. For example, the day are cool colors, and at night, on the contrary, warm. This solution really reduces eye strain.

To install F. lux, you need to visit the site of the project and confirm the software download. After starting the utility, you must specify the location of the computer. Optionally, you can use the ZIP code or the exact geographical parameters of longitude and latitude which are available in Google Maps. This information is necessary to ensure that the program can dynamically change the color temperature of the screen depending on the position of the sun and natural lighting.

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In the final performance F. lux reduces the color temperature to 2700 K and even less, although at the stage of testing the minimum limit was equal to 3400 degrees. If desired, you can use the hotkey for emergency decrease or increase the display brightness.

Desktop version of f. lux is able to adapt the screen for watching movies, plus to change the color temperature of the screen is checked against the map of the world and time zones. For those who often sits in front of the computer at night without overhead lighting in the mode “Dark room”, when activated the screen is saturated with shades of red, and the temperature decreases to a certain minimum.

The developers of f. lux bypassed the Android platform, however, users “phones” are full analogues of the popular program. In Google Play are free utilities Twilight or EasyEyes.

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