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How to enable message syncing in iCloud on iOS 11.3

iOS 11.3 beta 1 brought to users a very welcome feature – synchronization messages through iCloud.

This allows you to provide access to them from any device linked to your iCloud account. Messages will be given to the user almost instantly becomes available on your other devices.

Now you can move to iCloud and delete conversations on the phone. This will free up space for more important information. Messages will continue to be available on your other Apple devices and the iCloud website. Therefore, the user can return to the old conversations at any time.

How to enable this feature? First you need to make sure that you have installed iOS 11.3. If the user has already enabled two-factor authentication, synchronization messages through iCloud, probably works by default. Worth to see this. You need to go to “Settings” → “Apple ID” → “iCloud” to view the list of available services, where you can include the item “Messages”. Without enabled two-factor authentication to enable the synchronization is impossible.

Among other features iOS 11.3 it is worth noting the emergence of a special section for communication with corporations, technology updates, ARKit and Airplay support 2. The ability to disable slow iPhone as well as the presence of the interface showing the battery status will be available later.

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