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How to enable guest mode on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

Sometimes the owner of the smartphone or tablet is needed to pass the gadget is for temporary use to another person. But guest mode on iPhone and iPad, on the same Mac, not provided. On computers and laptops, this mode allows to preserve the privacy of the device owner, which turned out to be from a third party. App GuestMode 2 was intended to restore justice: it can be used to activate iOS 10 full guest mode.

On the mobile platform Apple mode “Guest” as the account system in General, is not provided. After you install GuestMode 2 iPhone and iPad can activate “smart” guest access at any time. Thus, the gadget can give to the children, friends or relatives, for example, to check email, work with documents or surf the Internet.

In guest mode on iPhone and iPad blocks access to messages, photos, videos, history pages, Safari, and phone calls, postal correspondence, and other personal information. The owner of the gadget can pass the device to another user, not fearing for their data.

The “Guest” is enabled in several ways: by pressing the respective button on the lock screen, guest password, with wrong password, a temporary guest password, gesture, or the screen in the style of macOS. One of the ways of activation provides a simple scenario: when the admin password of the device is opened in normal mode and if you enter a special code in the system will be blocked all personal information.

In addition, to enable guest mode in GuestMode 2 click Guest on the lock screen.

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GuestMode app supports any device running iOS 10. Its value is in Cydia for $0.99.

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