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How to download videos from YouTube on your iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

How to download videos from YouTube on your iPhone and save it for later viewing offline? By default, this function is not provided, but to work around this limitation you can even without having to jailbreak. For this, we’ll use the file Manager Document 6, or free YouTube video downloader.

YouTube video on iPhone and iPad is downloaded in several steps. First, we will explain how to copy the link to clipboard, then how to load the content in memory of the mobile device.

Copy the link to the YouTube

If you open the video in a browser, just copy the link into the address field. If you use YouTube, copy the URL through the function of sharing.

Step 1: Open the YouTube app the video you want to upload on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: from above or below the video click the “Share” button. Click it, then click “COP. link.”

In the second part we will upload a YouTube video on the iPhone.

How to download videos from YouTube on iPhone

To solve, use the Document app 6 and online service PickVideo.

Step 1: Install from the App Store free app Document 6.

Step 2: Open the application and start the embedded browser (the icon in the lower right corner).

Step 3: Enter website address and open it.

Step 4: After downloading the resource, click the button with a picture of the YouTube logo.

Step 5: Paste copied to clipboard link in the row above.

Step 6: Click to download the video. The app will show all available on this page are videos with quality, size and format.

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Step 7: Select your movie, click Download then click again Download link.

Step 8: In the opened window click the Save button.

Step 9: the Application will load the video. He will be in a folder within the program.

How to transfer downloaded YouTube videos to the Photos app

Step 1: Document 6 open the folder with the video.

Step 2: Locate the movie and click on the ” … ” button. Click move to move the file.

Step 3: In the section Move to enter the Photo app, that is the Camera Roll and confirm a copy of the video.

That’s all! The downloaded YouTube video will be in the folder of the Photos app on your iPhone and iPad.

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