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How to do sports in the 21st century

To play sports, not necessarily to go to the gym – enough to install a special application and not to be lazy to exercise. MacDigger editors have selected those, which will really help to get in shape.

In the world where you can enjoy a meal at home, to work, not getting out of bed, and use of robots for harvesting, the need in sports is lost. Fortunately, many continue to enjoy daily Jogging, pushups, holding planks, squats and other things.

But, thanks to technology, all this can be done with great comfort. With apps for your smartphone becomes easy to track your progress, you can forget about the coach and going to the gym, discover new sports and to lose weight.

Run – Strava

Running is very good for the body, helps to lose weight and generally improve your physical condition. Moreover, achieving high scores and gaining new friends well effect on mood.

And to all of the above happened faster, is to download Strava. This app will monitor the indicators while Jogging, can display done the route on the map will allow you to share the results with friends and see their achievements. It is also possible to join in the running community, the first to know about the big races in the city and to find like-minded people.

Pull – UPS- Pull-Ups Workouts & Trainer

Pull-UPS help to become stronger and uverenna in itself. Starting small – one pull – UPS- and watching your progress, it’s hard not to enjoy. Follow this will help Pull-Ups Workouts & Trainer.

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The app is ideal for beginner and literally write out the individual program of a lifetime. It will tell you how often, how much and when to catch up, and always remind you about exercise. And all friends know about how you become stronger.

Pushups – Push-Ups Counter & Trainer

Push-UPS are perfect for strengthening the abdominal muscles, back and chest. They represent a more advanced version of the plank. Often this exercise can substitute for the gym and to help achieve good physical shape.

App Push-Ups Counter & Trainer works just like and Pull-Ups Workouts & Trainer: helping to set records, paints the program and recalls the training. By the way, it automatically counts the number of push UPS – for this you need either to touch his nose to the screen, either really stoop low. Otherwise efforts will be wasted.

Press Abs Workout

To develop the abdominal muscles is very important. They make it easier to practice all kinds of sports, keep the belly make it easy to get out of bed and improve overall health. Often they pumped during those push-UPS and pull-UPS, but for best results, you need to practice more.

And the Abs Workout is the app with many different workouts for different fitness levels. With him and newcomers will be easy to start, and professionals will have to sweat. Each movement will be to explain and demonstrate, so no one will have difficulties.

In General, the above application will help the user to get in shape and maintain it. Jogging will improve footwork, push-UPS will increase your chest muscles, pull – UPS- hands, and the press will remove excess fat. Good luck!

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And what applications do you use? Write in the comments.

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