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How to disable OTA update iOS on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

When connecting iPhone and iPad to the Internet via Wi-Fi, updates for iOS are automatically suggested to download and disable it by standard means impossible. Even if the user is not eager to install a new version of the OS.

Five years ago, with the launch of iOS 5 iPhone and iPad users got the opportunity to upgrade the OS “over the air” through the so-called OTA updates. Download the cumulative updates occur over the wireless network – the upgrade process itself runs on the mobile device without connecting to the computer.

It’s definitely a big step forward, but however, users of jailbroken devices, and those waiting for a jailbreak acquired a headache, because the installation of updates has meant the loss of jailbreak and even the risk of getting outside the device.

The following information about how to prevent download blocking jailbreak iOS 10.2 the iOS 10.1.1 and any other firmware and how to prevent it from loading automatically in the future.

How to disable automatic updates iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: On any iPhone and iPad, which must remain on the current firmware, open the Safari browser.

Step 2: In the browser enter the link to the following file

Step 3: Safari will prompt you to install the profile, select the device.

Step 4: Open section configuration with profiles and a proposal to add a new one.

Step 5: Click the Install button in the upper right corner and then enter the password of device and confirm the installation by double-clicking on the Set button.

Step 6: the Gadget prompts you to restart your iPhone, confirm the reboot.

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The principle of blocking updates is that now your device instead of requesting updates for iOS will contact the server for tvOS and will not receive the new updates. To re-update permission iPhone and iPad delete the installed profile under Basic –> Profile.

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