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How to disable lowercase letters on the keyboard in iOS 9

Debuted on September 16 iOS 9 has received numerous improvements both in terms of design and functionality. One of the changes in the interface area touched on a standard keyboard the iPhone and iPad.

In all previous versions of the OS on the keyboard display only uppercase letters, regardless of what case the text was typed. In iOS 9 case letters on the keys corresponds to type in the text. If the user enters uppercase letters, the keys on the virtual devices are displayed in uppercase, if presses Shift and switches to lowercase – respectively – lowercase.

Despite the fact that this way of displaying logical, many Orthodox Jews did not appreciate this innovation. Fortunately, this mode is optional and still, the way you can return by going to the settings of the operating system.

Users who are accustomed to the standard set and don’t want to change it, you can go to Settings –> Universal Access –> Keyboard and disable the option “Lowercase”. Apple explains that this affects the keyboard, where the Shift key is used to switch between uppercase and waste letters.

Now when the user will be typing letters on the keyboard will not switch between uppercase and lowercase, regardless of Shift. Return new regime at any time from the keyboard settings iOS 9.

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