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How to determine the wear level of the battery of the MacBook

Laptops are all good indicators of battery life, but batteries MacBook, unfortunately, is not eternal. After a certain number of charge cycles they lose their capacity, and subsequently require replacement. OS X operating system continuously monitors the battery status, so Mac users can always determine the degree of battery deterioration and the need for its replacement.

Why to check the battery status, Mac

The more intensively you use the MacBook battery, the faster it wears out. Be aware of his condition and roadworthy is very important, otherwise the user risks losing working laptop at the most inopportune moment.

Verification will be particularly relevant in cases where the battery device is reduced or when the cable is connected does not start the charging process.

How to check the battery status, Mac

To open menu with information about the battery, press the Option (Alt) and click the icon of the battery indicator in the menu bar of OS X.

As you can see, the system displays the current status. The status “normal” indicates that the battery is functioning without any abnormalities. If your computer is not new, you can only enjoy such a status of the battery. Most likely, you are using your laptop carefully and worry about.

The battery can be one of the following States:

Normal. The battery is functioning normally.

The term of operation expires. This means that the battery is worn out. It is likely that in this state it works on a single charge for less time than originally. This warning, do not worry, because the battery is working properly. However, the battery will soon need to be replaced.

Requires replacement. The battery is functioning normally but keeps a charge much worse than a new battery. To replace this battery can be used without any damage to the computer.

Service is required. The battery in this condition it is better to be replaced immediately. It can be damaged and prone to overheating. A faulty battery can damage other components MacBook.

What about charge cycles of the battery?

Battery usage Mac notebook quantitatively expressed as the number of charge cycles. Single recharge cycle corresponds to the complete use of the battery power, but this does not mean that the battery is charged exactly once. For example, a laptop could be used one hour or more a day, until half of the charge, and then was fully recharged. If you did the same thing the next day, it counts as one charge cycle, not two. To complete one cycle, it may take several days.

The Mac keeps track of the number of charge cycles. Batteries most modern MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro support for about 1000 cycles, but depending on the specific device and its operating conditions, the number can decrease to 300, after which the battery needs to be replaced. How to know the number of recharge cycles the battery have a MacBook, at this link.

Now you know how to check the battery status MacBook. Regularly check the condition of the battery to protect yourself from unexpected and unpleasant breakdowns.

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