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How to cut an iPhone in half with a water jet [video]

On YouTube there is a channel, all of the content is based on the fact that enthusiasts have gained access to an OMAX waterjet cutter and doing it the only right thing — cut things of daily use. The new roller is dedicated to high-tech sawing smartphone Apple

In the beginning it is difficult to understand how such a clear thread iPhone 3GS, do not violate the form of the smartphone. Anyway why around water: will be a big surprise for those who don’t know about water jet cutters. If you do not go into technical details, the Carver is able to share any object of any material (what is not necessarily a straight line) because it produces the water jet pressure 60,000 PSI, or 4218 kg/S2.

But these are minor details, the main thing here — a fascinating spectacle from surgically precise cutting iPhone:

On the channel already Cut In Half was sawed by water or a dozen items, including sneakers, binoculars, a thermos. If you want to see how look in the context of a gun, or column, for example, a Golf club, then go rate.

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