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How to create the best app for tracking assessments and to lose the city authorities

The story of 18-year-old developer of best electronic diary in the App Store.

Levan T., still in school, created a mobile application “MRCO – independent electronic diary”. The idea is simple: to control evaluation of need during the school year, and not to fix in the end. The app quickly became popular and by the end of 2016 consisted of 100,000 users. The application can keep track of scores, and it gives advice for their improvement.

At some point the disciples began to encounter problems during login. It turned out that the Department of information technology (DIT) has developed a new electronic journal: the logins do not match, and users could not log in to the app levana. While the competition was fine.

Left official journal, and the right application of Levan

The application of Levan there are two rival: “Electronic diary” from Taktik Labs and “public Services”, which was developed by al’tariks. The developer believes that companies related. As proof, he cites the website (at the time of writing is unavailable), which is located on the same IP-address as In addition to the “public Services” on this website are encouraged to download the app KidRadar — one of the products Taktik Labs.

Initially the data in “MRCO – independent electronic diary” were downloaded directly from the website. But after a series of problems the developer has decided to use the new API, which was developed by al’tariks for the Department of information technology.

Al’tariks immediately banned the use of the API, explaining that the application was a significant discrepancy between the number of registered logins and number of users.

After lengthy negotiations in DIT, Levan allowed to use the API. However, on 1 August, the developer received a letter which States that the it Department blocks access to the API of the Electronic diary, and the only app where you can track your grades will become “public Services”.

Levan believes that in this way al’tariks wants to get rid of competitors. “Electronic diary” from Taktik Labs, which was created in cooperation with al’tariks not brought in profit and was not popular. The Department of information technology stated that the closure API is associated with the violation of ethical standards by third-party developers of mobile applications electronic diary.

The reasons for this decision – the cases of violation of ethical norms, third-party developers of mobile applications of the electronic diary, as well as our plans, including in connection with such cases, to significantly raise the level of information security of students when working with the diary. In the past year, was discovered a security vulnerability in the API in particular, so we decided to translate the diary into a single system authorization and information on the city free online — the official website of the Mayor of Moscow This process takes time.

The Department of information technology

And who now will motivate children to study well remains a mystery.

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