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How to create photos with bokeh effect without iPhone 7 Plus

One of the major advantages the iPhone 7 Plus is a dual camera that allows you to create photos with the effect of SLR cameras. With Tadaa SLR can achieve equally impressive results on any iPhone. With it, users can take photos with a bokeh effect, indistinguishable from photos taken with expensive SLR cameras.

Tadaa SLR allows you to select a portion of the frame or group of objects that must remain in focus, then the utility automatically smazhet background image. The application can configure the settings used special effects and use a variety of additional filters in the postprocessing stage.

The user interface is quite simple: most users familiarity with the features of the product takes only a few minutes. Tadaa SLR allows you to submit just shot a picture or select a picture from your smartphone.

Having defined the photograph, you need to circle a finger on those areas that should be clear. It is sufficient to indicate only the approximate boundaries of the focal area, the program will automatically allocate the border. Using the tool Erase, you can make to adjust the mask to remove unnecessary portions.

Unlike analog Tadaa SLR forgives mistakes. If necessary, you can easily undo several previous actions or use the eraser tool to return the image to its original state. After the designation of the focal area iPhone user must click Next and then Apply to go to the screen filters and special effects. Here you can configure the settings of the diaphragm and the intensity of the blur, select one of the available filters, etc.

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After image processing the image can be sent to Facebook, Twitter or share with another user. In that case, Tadaa SLR provides the social network for fans of “iphoneography”.

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