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How to create a spectacular video of the descent captured on camera rotating on a string iPhone

Just a month video Swedish freeskier overseeing Nicolas Vanier “Centrion – videoexpert with the iPhone”, in which he takes off the ski with a makeshift aircraft and the iPhone effect “bullet time”, gathered more than 3.6 million views on YouTube.

After thousands of comments and questions on technologies of creation of “flying iPhone” skier has released a video which tells in detail about the experiment. For inspiration Nicholas reviewed hundreds of videos, created six prototypes of the aircraft, the last on a 3D printer, the iPhone experiment has been used without a case, was attached to the stand plain rubber band, but the video itself was recorded with a basic Camera app, slow motion (240 fps) and Olloclip wide angle lens.

According to Nicholas, the iPhone showed was more aerodynamic than the GoPro and works perfectly after the experiment.

Nicholas also decided to open the possibility of “antifona” for everyone and uploaded the files to 3D print a flying mount for iPhone for free.

Centreton video experiment with an iPhone:

Nicolas Vanier not normal friskier: 25-year-old Swiss became one of the most respected riders of his pollegio. For him, skiing became a means of expression and a real view in which he uses his own style and creativity. When Nicholas is not skiing, he is developing as a designer is self-taught and improving their creative skills in search of inspiration. His goal is to become part of the art and digital culture.

How to create video:

Nicolas Vanier expressed gratitude to our compatriot Sergey Lopesino, the Fotokite founder of the project, who dedicated himself to flying studies of robotics, as told in part one of the TED conferences.

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