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How to connect two MacBook Pro together with Thunderbolt 3

On Apple computers has the so-called target disk mode, which allows you to use your Mac as an external drive connected to another host computer. Once a target PC, which is running in the mode of the hard disk, becomes available to the host computer, you can copy files to / from it and to it. With the advent of the MacBook with USB-C Thunderbolt 3 is more convenient to arrange the connection in an alternative way.

This method is suitable in situations when you need to quickly move from one computer to another large amount of information. The Thunderbolt connectivity allows you to transfer files with a speed of 10 GB/s and rebooting, like when you use target disk mode.

Step 1: connect the two MacBook Pro with a Thunderbolt cable 3.

Step 2: Go to System preferences –> Network and find the new point Bridge Thunderbolt with an arbitrary IP address. If this interface is not listed, click + and add it manually. Note the IP address.

Step 3: make Sure the Thunderbolt Bridge is also active on the second Mac, which you connect to.

Step 4: On the Mac you’re connecting to open system preferences –> sharing and tick “share files”.

Step 5: On your main Mac, open Finder –> Go –> Connect to server.

Step 6: In the address bar insert the address you memorized in Step 2, and click Connect.

Step 7: In the dialog, enter the account settings of the machine to which you are connecting.

Step 8: Select the volume you want to mount and click OK.

Step 9: After connecting the selected top appears in shared drives on your primary machine. You can now copy data between two MacBook Pro is much faster than the means of the same AirDrop.

Step 10: After the file copying is complete, eject the disc and disconnect the cable.

Below is the instructional video on how to connect two MacBook in target disk mode:

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