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How to connect to Vox for Mac music from Vkontakte

Multimedia player Vox for Mac allows the user to listen to your music collection from “Vkontakte”. This was told by the employee Coopetrino Julia Petrus.

Instructions for setting up the player posted on the website, Facebook Yulia. To connect the music from the social network account, you need to open “Terminal” and run the command “defaults write com.coppertino.Vox kVXVKUDAvailableKey 1”. Now, restart VOX. After downloading the program you can listen to music tracks that are added to your account in the social network.

VOX is not an example of iTunes is a lightweight and multi-functional audio player. You can listen to the music without all those bells and whistles that is “famous” for desktop Apple. ITunes library and “Vkontakte” is not the only place where VOX can receive the data. You can use ordinary folders from the Finder or Internet radio. There are also disadvantages: to play music from the cloud is impossible. She appeared in VOX, you must first download the iTunes tracks to your computer.

The main window of the application looks very nice and unobtrusive, each song is accompanied by the cover art and track info: the file type, bitrate, etc. it Should be noted that the range of supported formats, VOX has much broader than that of iTunes. To listen these types of files, like FLAC.

VOX supports scrobbling Last.FM, keyboard shortcuts, a notification Center and a graphic equalizer. The program, according to developers, one hundred percent focused on the music. It is recommended to install, especially since the app is free.

Download VOX for Mac OS X [Mac App Store]

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