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How to conduct a hidden survey on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

Sometimes there are situations when you need to take a photo or record a video imperceptibly. A simple trick with iOS allows you to solve the issue.

The YouTube user Apple User discovered the ability to conduct covert filming on the iPhone and iPad. Using the mobile device camera can record everything that happens around imperceptibly.

The technique allows to conduct shooting on an iPhone with a locked screen. It is necessary to perform a sequence of five steps. Function is relevant for all devices running iOS 10.x, including iOS 10.3 beta.

Step 1: Go to Settings –> General –> accessibility –> Increase contrast and activate the switch lowering the transparency.

Step 2: go to Settings –> Photos and Camera> Save settings and here turn on the camera Mode.

Step 3: Launch the Camera app, switch to video shooting mode and lock the device.

Step 4: Open the lock screen and swipe from the right edge to see the button start recording. Without releasing your finger, press the record button. Now, still without releasing your finger, press the Home button.

Step 5: Continue to shoot on a iPhone with a locked screen. To stop recording, Wake the smartphone and stop shooting.

Below is an instructional video on how to set up a hidden video on the iPhone:

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