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How to choose a used iPhone and not to be mistaken with the purchase

Recently the latest iPhone and iPad are not included in the list of priority purchases of the Russians. Many people stop buying new items, but shifted to the used models. Analysts predict that the market for used smartphones in 2016 will be $17 billion. in addition, 10% of smartphones of premium class (cost $ 500) purchased new in 2016, will serve three or more owners.

It is expected that consumers will sell themselves or surrender to the expense of buying a new phone approximately 120 million used smartphones worth more than $ 17 billion. That’s 40 million more smart phones than were sold in 2015.

Russian market for used smartphones is estimated to be about million vehicles. According to the site most of the popular brands for used smartphones and tablets last year were iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and HTC. And by the end of 2015 the demand for used gadgets increased by almost 50 percent compared with the beginning of the year.

“We have taken the value of January, 2015 at 100%. Thus, it becomes apparent fall in demand is less than 100 percent or a growth of more than 100 in the course of the year, explained on the RG website. For example, in February of 2015, the number of inquiries about the used iPhone was 96 percent, and in December already 152%”.

The prices of used smartphones also increased. The most expensive was iPhone. From January 2015 to December the price increased by about 500 rubles.

Acquisition of used machinery activity gambling – you can buy almost new phone for a ridiculous price or buy hand “the cat in the bag”. Of course, it is possible that the cellular interior is sold to you has a used item for a greater amount.

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Before buying an iPhone will not be superfluous to familiarize with the price tags on new smartphones. If in Russia those no longer exists — look at you know what “the American Internet-auction”, to convert local prices into rubles and to determine an adequate price for the gadget. If a Russian seller put a very modest price tag — it’s worth waiting for the catch.

It is recommended to pass by the clamorous sentences with record low prices and to focus on ads from -50% to -70% (depending on the year of the debut of the smartphone) relative to the price of the same new device. Archival tags can be find in the reviews of a specific model or certain online stores.

When meeting the buyer events will develop in one of two scenarios: either the owner will play the role of “programmer”, showing off all the bells and whistles of a smartphone with the best and hiding the flaws, you will hear something like “I have never understood it, but the phone is good — see for yourself” with the hope that the buyer will humbly come to purchase, spin for a minute the smartphone in hand and give money. But with the same success it is possible to rely on luck, without leaving home, and order the smartphone in unknown condition from China. However, if the goal is to buy a quality model, for a meeting with the seller to arrive at “full combat readiness”.

To check b/iPhone is not superfluous to take with itself a SIM card with a positive balance for ringer, earphone, PowerBank (portable power), a second phone to call him with the purchased mobile phone. In the process of exploring the device should be tested main components: the display, the phone application, speakers and a microphone, run the main and front camera, evaluate the quality of the image. Among the many sensors should pay attention to the proximity sensor.

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Sometimes too low a price tag put people who need to quickly get rid of old toys to buy new surcharge. Sometimes on such sale addressed to the company, which has accumulated many repaired under warranty devices. But most often shocking price tags are used by fraudsters selling fake devices bought in China. Therefore, to agree to a risky deal is only if you are sure that you will be able to distinguish the fake from the original.

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