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How to choose a quality and affordable Lightning cable for charging iPhone and iPad

All Lightning cables the same? Why are the prices on the wire may differ in several times? What cable to buy? Experts iXbt decided to answer these questions with practical examples and experiments. The study is dedicated to users who are familiar with physics in the school curriculum. But the test results can be interesting even for advanced users.

Someday you will face the fact that your original Lightning cable with frequent use will toil near the Lightning connector. Nothing personal, just business. And business accessories can be very profitable. What could be easier than to buy the same original cable from Apple instead? You go to the store or the store’s website and see that the cable from Apple costs $ 1200 (officially in the us store $ 19). Someone this price will make you wonder why the piece of wire so expensive? In this case lie near dozens of Lightning cables from other manufacturers both famous and nameless, the cost from 150 rubles to several thousand. Manufacturers that produce these cables by different brands hundreds, and perhaps thousands. Chinese fans of shopping will find that all the major Chinese platforms offer Lightning cables from 50 cents per kilo thing. Options hundreds. But the proposals “100% New Real Original Genuine Authentic Apple Lightning” in the package with all the stickers from 3 dollars a piece no end. And what to choose?

On sale is how certified and non-certified cables. Moreover, the market is full of imitations of the most popular brands (e.g. Apple, Belkin, etc.). With uncertified Lightning cables there is one caveat. Built-in Lightning connector authentication chip, which Apple is trying to compete with non-certified accessories. Before you could deal with the fact that the cable stopped working after iOS upgrade, device reported a non-certified accessory. But Chinese manufacturers have long learned to work around this “problem”, such messages are rare.

The original cable from Apple (MFi)

With this cable familiar to all. The cable thin, medium stiffness. Length 1 meter. We will call it “Apple”. A small recommendation for the purchase of this cable. It’s the most counterfeited Lightning cable. Sellers on eBay will gladly sell you such a cable for $ 3 in original packaging, given that the official Apple store it costs $ 19. To buy such a cable is necessary only in an authorized shop, to reduce the risk of buying fakes.

The original cable from Apple after a couple of years (MFi)

Without the torn cable, the test will be incomplete. This picture give many consumers of Apple products. The cable is absolutely working, but he doesn’t look very nice. The test will show whether the characteristics of a damaged cable. We will call it “Apple U”.

One of the cheapest cables from Aliexpress

This cable was purchased on Aliexpress for $ 0.67. He had a couple of tens of thousands of sales and a rating of above 96%. By the time of article publication item was withdrawn from the site (but similar lots full). The cable is flat, very thin, even translucent. On the housing there are plastic burrs. There are different colors. Long 1 meter. We will call it “Red”.

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KALUOS cable (MFi)

This cable is sold literally everywhere. It is present on all major trading platforms, even in not popular and reputable online stores. Is cheap, about 3 dollars. The appearance and quality is just stunning. Thick cable, medium stiffness, nylon braid, aluminum casing connectors when you take it in hand, a feeling of very high quality and expensive product that I want to use. There are two colors: silver and gold. And two lengths. Certified MFi have any oddities. Is and logos are the MFi, but the Apple brand is not. We will call this cable “KALUOS”.

Belkin (MFi)

The main problem of this cable — a lot of fakes. Because the brand incredibly popular, this cable came under attack of the army of fakes. To distinguish the original from a fake is very difficult (even the packaging is fully copied). Costs from 500 roubles to several thousand. Different trading platforms from $ 2. At reputable online stores from $ 10. In the official store $ 19. On eBay is $ 4. All come in original packaging. The seller swore by God that the original cable from Belkin. The cable is thick, of medium hardness. Long 1.2 meters. As for the Lightning connector MFi cables (cheap cables usually the connector is different). Considering the price, no doubt that is a fake cable.

Lemfo Cable (MFi)

Cable MFi certified, Apple is in the database. And not just certified, but is a complete copy of the original cable from Apple (the company represents the template). To distinguish from the original cable from Apple, you can only lemfo logo and the lack of an inscription “Designed by Apple…” on the cables. Same thickness, same hardness, same plugs, no difference. Length 1 meter. On JD is $ 10. The cable is sold in many other stores, for example, in Amazon it costs $ 8. We will call it “Lemfo”.

The cable from YourCharger

Length of 2 meters. The cable is thick and very flexible. You can buy it only on eBay for $ 8. There are white color and in different length up to 5 meters. This cable is only for charging (all the wires for power only), sync the data with him can’t. We will call it “YourCharger”.

The SNOWKIDS cable (MFi)

Certified cable, is present in the Apple. The cable is thick, of medium hardness. The connectors are massive. Long 1.3 m. In the hands creates a feeling of a quality product. For JD – $ 10. In China locally, you can buy it for $ 6. Included is Velcro for cable routing. We will call it “Snowkids”.

Cable Nillkin

The brand is popular. Thousands of sales on many sites and ratings of buyers under 100%. On the site Aliexpress will cost 4.5 dollars. Quality packaging with a secret code to verify the originality (like Xiaomi). The cable is flat, thick and flexible. There is a small Burr on the connectors, but in the hands creates a feeling of a very high quality product. Cable length 1.2 meters. The cable has a strap for laying cable. Available in different colors. The cable is MFi certification, anywhere it is not written and the basis of the brand is missing. We will call it “Luck”.

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Triple cable

Cable anonymous, 23 see Triple — microUSB, Lightning, Apple 30-pin. Fabric braid. The thickness of the medium, flexible. We will call it “Triple”.

ESK cable (MFi)

Certified cable MFi, Apple found in database. But cable no labels and no logo. A complete copy of the original cable from Apple (from the template). It is impossible to distinguish, only without the inscription “Designed by Apple…” on the cable. Length 1 meter. At JD you can find 10 dollars. We will call it “ESK”.

Biaze Cable (MFi)

This cable will cost on Aliexpress in 6 dollars. Sold without a name, just “certified MFi cable”, present photos of “confirmation”. The rating of buyers 100%. After getting on the cable showed the logo Biaze. Our database Apple the brand not. From the first glance it may seem that this is a 100% copy original Apple cable (execution pattern), but when compared it turned out that the cable Biazе thinner. Cable length is 1 meter. We will call it “Biazе”.

Just a cheap cable No. 1

This cable is sold at 0.62 dollar on Aliexpress. The main task was to find the cheapest cable, which is similar to the Apple cable. The most popular Lightning cable on Aliexpress — more than forty thousand sales, ranking buyers above 95%. Not the cable, and the dream. It is similar to the Apple cable, but the differences are visible at once. The connectors differ in detail, the cable itself is thinner. Cable length is 1 meter. We will call it “Fake 1”.

Just a cheap cable No. 2

This cable can be bought in Moscow for 200 rubles. Looking for the cheapest cable offline: “Give me the cheapest cable, iPhone charge”. It is similar to the Apple cable, but the differences are visible at once. The connectors differ in detail, the cable itself is thinner. Cable length is 1 meter. We will call it “Fake 2”.

Cheap long cable

Bought this cable for a very long time for 1 dollar on eBay. Cable length of 2 meters. This cable and YourCharger – the longest in the review. Cable similar to the cable from Apple, but the differences are visible at once. The connectors differ in detail, the cable itself is thinner. We will call it “Fake 3”.

The micro USB cable LG and the Lightning adapter

Cable from LG, by experience, is one of the best micro-USB cables. There are many different adapters (including certified). In this review we will use the cheapest non-certified adapters for 0,5 dollar. Will call cable “LG”.

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In the experiment used the charger Tronsmart TS-UC5PC. With load module (power dissipation 10 W) tested power output with cables. The test results showed, what cables have a lower overall resistance (the wire, connectors, soldering).

  • Apple: 4,52, 1,69 And, Of 7.64 W.
  • Apple U: 4,41 V, 1.65 A, 7.26 W.
  • RED: 3.6 V, 1,34 AND, 4,82 watts.
  • Belkin: 4,18, 1,57 A, 6,56 Watts.
  • YourCharger: 4,29 V, 1.6 A, 6,86 Watts.
  • Nillkin: 4,40 In, Of 1.64 A, Watts 7,22.
  • Lemfo: Of 4.54 In, To 1.69 And 7.67 Per Watt.
  • KALUOS: 3,95, WAS 1.47 A, 5.8 W.
  • Biaze: 4,21, 1,57 A, 6,60 Watts.
  • Snowkids: 4.61 In, 1,72 And, Of 7.93 Watts.
  • Fake 3: 3.2 In, And 1,19, 3,81 Watts.
  • Triple: 4,51 In, 1,68 A, A 7.58 W.
  • ESK: 4,20 IN, 1,56 A, 6,55 W.
  • Fake 1: 3,69, 1,37 A, Of 5.06 Watts.
  • Fake 2: In Of 4.09, As Of 1.52, 6,22 Watts.
  • LG: 4,38, 1,63 And, of 7.14 watts.

Snowkids turned out to be the undisputed leader, it has a minimum resistance of the test:

Hamers amperage when charging iPad

Only 4 cables 16 provide the amperage a 2.01 A. All other do not allow to consume the current iPad ultimate strengths. What does it mean? If roughly to speak, then, for example, with the RED cable, your iPad will charge at 2.25 times longer than the cables-Apple, Lemfo, Snowkids.


From the test only 4 cables 16 provide current limiting for the iPad mini: Apple (MFi), Snowkids (MFi), Lemfo (MFi), triple cable. How does the presence of the logo MFi that you get the highest quality cable, which will provide the charging device with the utmost amperage? No guarantees, but the chances to buy a quality cable increase.

Ensure whether the absence of certification MFi problems with charging or transferring data? All the cables from the overview with no problems charging iPad and iPhone with iOS 9.2 without any message about non-certified accessories. All the cables from the survey provide interconnection to a personal computer for transferring data without warning.

If you need the cable and you are ready to easily part with 1,500 rubles, then quietly buy the original cable from Apple in any authorized store. You will receive excellent quality (for a couple of years before he will break my back) without compromise.

If you want to buy the cable cheaper, General suggestions to purchase the following: the package must contain logo MFi (Made for iPod, Made for iPhone, Made for iPad); make sure that the brand is the Apple; the cable should cost more than 5 dollars (including deductions and qualitative components).

The Snowkids cable is the leader in the review. He’s outmatched on the measured characteristics of the cables in the review, including the original cable from Apple. With this cable you can charge any Apple device with maximum output power, and with an adapter can easily charge any device without significant losses.

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