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How to chip in on a gift for a friend. Overview of services

Funding chipped in our days it’s very common. The crowdfunding raise millions of dollars for the release of gadgets, music albums and movies. And of course, for joint gifts, which significantly expands the limits of their value.

The practice is centuries old, only the Internet is able to be significantly upgraded. Sent on the basis of friends offer to cooperate and all. Gift problem solved. And good, expensive gift. To this end often used and popular instant messengers like WhatsApp, where you can create a themed event.

A special term for the collective fees for a gift on the Internet have been invented by crowdgather. In the West Cruciferae platforms are often tied to online, which I eventually purchased a gift (a service “33 other” in Russian Re:Store taking example from them).

In Russia more popular crowdfunding tool integration in the messaging or payment services. Recently in your application, this feature promised to build in the savings Bank, the users will get with the next major upgrade of Sberbank-Online. But now we are interested in existing services.


The first thing that is sought in the course of surfing the website Wishround. Great positions in Google and Yandex, according to the description, the service that you need. It can create a desire for the recipient. The fundraising for the gift starts with sending the link with the offer. A gift is then sold in the shop.

Unfortunately, there is no Wishround apps for iOS and Android. And most importantly, the service from support the three languages of which one is Russian, does not work in Russia. Only Ukraine, Poland and the United Kingdom.


Russian Giftguru is a good service, at least creates the terms of a gift, an intuitive interface, messaging friends using a link. However, the service only works in Moscow. And, judging by guesswork. On the website it is not specified.

And besides, he is engaged in buying and arranging delivery of gifts, which takes quite a significant sum. And the phone support is not responding.

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And again – there is no application for iOS and Android. Which is not very convenient and even strange in our age.
As this aspect is one of the most important in the search, then it makes sense to look only at the App Store.


There is a no selection of apps dedicated to gifts. For example, got Giftboard program that promises to solve the problems of search and choice of gift.

However, upon closer inspection, applying, judging by the description, to something more service is an online store with very limited selection of products and services. With the function of reminders about the birthdays of your friends in “Vkontakte” and from the address book. And with paid and not cheap with shipping.

In addition, co-funding gifting application no. But there are bugs. The developers correct them in updates, but they are still in stock.

Money Talk

Just one of the aforementioned messenger with the function of money transfer in the chat “Tinkoff Bank”. Sending is possible without entering details during the conversation. The recipient will get a translation, even if it is not user MoneyTalk. It’s cool and quite comfortable. In terms of the reliability of the service no complaints. Uses a standard security procedure payment systems 3D Secure confirmation code by SMS.

The fundraising for the gift Money Talk is one of the main purposes of the service, but in a separate function does not allocate.

The possibility to create wish-lists, and General chat to writing friends, what would you like as a gift, will not. So as a service to chip in for a gift, Money Talk should be considered except as a temporary solution. Otherwise, the program is interesting and many are needed.


At first glance, what you need. The description says that this service helps to invite friends to chip in for a gift. However, offers to find a gift only in the application directory that we categorically are not satisfied.

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In addition, the app constantly crashes. This may occur when authorization or maybe when you send the invitation to chip in for a gift. How to use in this mode, the application is not clear. So there is no point to test it.


In MeHappy you can create desire, that is to hint to your friends for their preferences in terms of a gift. That it was time to pitch in, recalls widget-reminder. The difference with most similar applications MeHappy. Friends dumped their closer, not making a purchase of a gift in a crowdfunding campaign, teetering on the brink of what many Western sites. This kind of social service for disparate foci friendly.

Do not worry about that in your friendly circle invaded by a stranger. The invitation to chip in for my friend’s gift, the program sends only mutual friends, i.e. those who have the user in the address book.

Forget to invest in a gift, who planned, the app will not give reminders. Discussion of the gift in the chat, as in Talk Money here. In the circle of givers to solve organizational issues, casually chatted with friends in messenger.

Yes, out of all submitted applications MeHappy only in the process of collecting money for a collective gift creates the right positive atmosphere. It would seem that the thing for mobile service, not the first, is more important than flawless functionality. But to chip in on a gift for a friend, not too much.

Technical implementation of the service is not satisfactory. Everything stated in the description, in place and working properly. But if developers in the future will add selective blocking of phone numbers in the address book, it will be even better. For example, the user wants the boss who has it mutually contact is in your address book, didn’t know extra.


Messenger, recently created in collaboration with MasterCard and is specially designed for its partners. This service is more serious than Money Talk and perhaps too concise in functionality. The main menu has two large buttons – “Translate” to Take”. Security – the same 3D-Secure. The transaction is certified CVС code and text you with a confirmation code.

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As a tool for rapid money transfers Payber good, although inferior to Money Talk on the conviction.

Everything else, including socializing with raising funds for a specific purpose, remains somewhere at the edge of the figures and evidence. The service interface in each of its details shows that the product is serious, Bank. And to raise money for a collective gift to use it, maybe a bit boring. This allows the functionality, only the festive aura and bustle that often accompanies the story with a joint gift from Payber to wait is clearly not worth it.
Instead of the outcome we can say the following.

Niche of collecting money for a collective gift is still weak. Web platforms to use does not make sense. They are bulky and each has its drawbacks (linked shops, expensive shipping, limited geography).

Solutions on iOS and Android easier and more efficient. Those who are faithful to traditions and simple software solutions the same Telegram and WhatsApp. You can always be charged with the whole company, to choose and to chip in for the gift.

Payment of messengers to collect funds for a gift more suitable, but their mission is the communication tool with the ability to quickly send a money transfer in the chat. In this they neprevzoidennym, but easier to handle still, the service of “Tinkoff Bank”.

More personal, targeted crowdgather devoted only to MeHappy with all you need to collect money for a gift features. This application La those who are tired of numerous useless gifts under a layer of dust and better than their friends know what they want – a powerful bluetouth-column or a new fitness tracker. And am ready to participate in the financial a welcome gift for anyone from your company.

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