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How to check whether Apple had slowed down iPhone

IPhone 6, 6S, 7 SE and can replace the battery at a reduced price. But, before you spend the money, you should check whether you need a smartphone battery replacement right now. BGR offers an easy way to do it.

Until Apple released software that allows you to check the battery status, it is decided to make third-party developers. The publisher Rogerio Hirooka created an app Lirum Device Info, which can tell the user about the device status.

The full version costs almost three dollars and available in the App Store. But in order to check if the iPhone slowed down, enough features and a simplified free application. Both versions are available in Russian.

To check the smartphone with Lirum Device Info is quite simple:

  • you need to run the program
  • to call the menu by pressing the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner
  • select SRI
  • This tab contains information about the processor state. You need to pay attention to two parameters: CPU Actual Clock — “the current state of the processor” and CPU Maximum Clock — “optimal processor state”. If these rates are different, then Apple noticed the wear of the battery of the smartphone and decided to slow down the gadget in order to avoid problems. If the values are the same — with the iPhone it’s all right, it works with maximum productivity.

    What to do with this information each user must decide for himself. But if the figures diverge quite strongly, better hurry up to replace the battery.

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