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How to check battery status in iPhone

The iPhone is a valuable information about charge cycles, the amount of which directly affects the duration of the smartphone. It is necessary to know to be aware of how much is left “live” battery.

One cycle is a complete discharge of the iPhone, with a 100% “zero”, but not necessarily at one time: it is possible to discharge the phone by 25%, then 75%, and together these two charges will be calculated as one full cycle.

It’s pretty important, because different Apple devices have different battery with a different number of cycles. Here they are:

  • the iPhone is designed to conserve 80% up to 500 cycles.
  • The Apple Watch is designed to conserve 80% before 1000 cycles.
  • the iPad is designed to conserve 80% before 1000 cycles.
  • the iPod is designed to conserve 80% to 400 cycles.
  • The MacBook is designed to conserve 80% before 1000 cycles.

Apple does not allow iOS to report the number of cycles of the battery, so you will need to connect your iPhone to the computer running Mac or Windows — to gain access to such information.

How to do it

For Mac available free app coconut Battery. It shows detailed battery stats for all kinds of Apple devices: the current charge, total capacity, date of manufacture, number of cycles and battery temperature.

For Windows available app iBackupBot, which has a free trial. It will help you to quickly check the battery status on iOS, but if you want to use it more than once, you can purchase the full version for $ 35.

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