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How to cheat Pokemon Go and play on the iPhone from the comfort of home

Pokemon Go was a very exciting game, but to catch pokemon and advance in the game, you need to walk a lot — bonuses tied to places in the real world. And too lazy to walk. Therefore, users are looking for ways to cheat the game, forcing her to think that you travel around the world, not sit at home.

Replacing data on its location, gamers can “teleport” to a place which is inhabited by rare pokémon. Regular players need to physically get to this place, and you can do this sitting at home or at work. As found in Meduza, to do it on iPhone is not so easy, however, methods exist.

Substitution of geolocation without jailbreak

To hack Pokemon Go on the iPhone, you will need a computer with OS X as well as developer account from Apple’s app (it costs $99 per year) or other developer, who will share access.

Step 1: Open the Mac App Store on the computer and install Xcode is an environment for developers, it weighs almost 4 GB. Connect your iPhone to the computer and turn Pokemon Go.

Step 2: Download the file on this link. Unzip the archive and click right button. The OS will ask if you want to open an app from an unknown developer. Agree. Please note that the program must be in the directory in which there are no spaces — for example, you can put it in “Documents”.

Step 3: After starting the program should open with two things — herself and Xcode. In Xcode, please note on this place: in the field Bundle Identifier should be written com.iam4x.pokemon-webspoof. Change this to com.iam4x.pokemon-webspoof.chtougodno where chtougodno anything.

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Step 4: under Team enter your Apple ID which is connected to the developer account of Apple. Then in Xcode click on Play button.

Step 5: to start the program (but possible nuances — follow the errors, if they will appear). Go to Debug, Simulate Location, and select PokemonLocation.

Step 6: Open pokemongo-webspoof and click Auto update Xcode location.

That’s all. Now you can choose any address and walk anywhere. For example, try to look to new York and go through it using the arrows.

Substitution geolocation jailbreak

This method looks quite useful for those who do not have at hand your developer account. But it is necessary to have an iPhone jailbreak — what is the “hack a smartphone, having the ability to install third-party applications and change settings.

After this you need to install two applications. First — PokePatch — allow to hide from the Pokemon Go the fact of the jailbreak. The add-in can be downloaded from the repository of the developer The second LocationFaker — changes your location on the smartphone.

Then you can put in LocationFaker the desired location and try to run Pokemon Go. The game will see you there where you want it.

Instead LocationFaker you can install Fake GPS Pro is the app able to “move” along the route, and the game will think that you are walking down the street and not standing still.

It is important

After the abrupt change location Pokemon Go can enable a “soft lock”: the first few hours pokescope not drop useful items, and the pokemon run away after the first shot. Some users did run into this type of lock, and she acted and disabling fake location.

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