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How to change your location on iPhone and iPad

There can be such situation when you want to hide your location, or, for example, to provide a false location. Don’t want that neither friends nor relatives do not know where you are located. You may be asked to send your location via iMessage, and track using the app “Find friends”. On the iPhone and iPad have the ability to spoof your location: iOS allows you to send the device’s location, which is an entirely different end of the city, or even country.

So, now we are in the hometown, but we want to all we were in St. Petersburg. For this trick, need another gadget from Apple, running iOS 8 or above, connected to the same account.

Go to the section “Privacy” –> “location Services”. After this you need to select “Share my location”. The list will show all devices connected to your account. In the section map Link, enter your second gadget, such as iPad.

After all the manipulation is completed, you only need to leave your tablet anywhere and remotely send the data from it.

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